Sponsors of Read the Docs

Running Read the Docs isn’t free, and the site wouldn’t be where it is today without generous support of our sponsors. Below is a list of all the folks who have helped the site financially, in order of the date they first started supporting us.

Current sponsors

  • Rackspace - They cover all of our hosting expenses every month. This is a pretty large sum of money, averaging around $3,000/mo, and we are really grateful to have them as a sponsor.
  • Mozilla - Mozilla has given us a MOSS grant for building specific features, and have funded Eric Holscher to work on Read the Docs at $1,000/mo for 2016.
  • You? (Email us at rev@readthedocs.org for more info)

Sponsorship Information

As part of increasing sustainability, Read the Docs is testing out promoting sponsors on documentation pages. We have more information about this in our blog post about this effort.