Overview of issue labelsΒΆ

Here is a full list of labels that we use in the GitHub issue tracker and what they stand for.

An issue describing unexpected or malicious behaviour of the readthedocs.org software.
Community Effort
Tickets with this label are valid issues that the core team thinks are worth to fix or implement in the future. However the core team’s resources are too scarce to address these issues. Tickets marked with this label are issues that the core team will not work on, but contributions from the community are very welcome.
Issues related to the UI of the readthedocs.org website.
Feature requests and ideas about how to make readthedocs.org better in general will have this label.
Feature Overview
Features that are too big to be tackled in one ticket are split up into multiple tickets. A feature overview ticket is then explaining the overarching idea. See the milestone of the feature overview ticket for all related tickets.
Good First Bug
This label marks tickets that are easy to get started with. The ticket should be ideal for beginners to dive into the code base.
High Priority
Tickets with this label should be resolved as quickly as possible.
Tickets that are related to the Mkdocs builder.
Needed: design decision
Tickets that need a design decision are blocked for development until a project leader clarifies the way in which the issue should be approached.
Needed: documentation
If an issue involves creating or refining documentation, this label will be assigned.
Needed: more information
This label indicates that the issue has not enough information in order to decide on how to go forward. See the documentation about our triage process for more information.
Needed: patch
This label indicates that a patch is required in order to resolve the ticket. A fix should be proposed via a pull request on GitHub.
Needed: tests
This label indicates that a better test coverage is required to resolve the ticket. New tests should be proposed via a pull request on GitHub.
Tickets that require changes in the server infrastructure.
PR: ready for review
Pull Requests that are considered complete. A review by at least one core developer is required prior to merging it.
PR: work in progress
Pull Requests that are not complete yet. A final review is not possible yet, but every Pull Request is open for discussion.
Sprintable are all tickets that have the right amount of scope to be handled during a sprint. They are very focused and encapsulated.
Status: blocked
The ticket cannot be resolved until some other ticket has been closed. See the ticket’s log for which ticket is blocking this ticket.
Status: duplicate
See the ticket’s log to find the original ticket that this one is a duplicate of.
Status: invalid
A ticket is invalid if the reported issue cannot be reproduced.
Status: rejected
A ticket gets rejected if the proposed enhancement is not in line with the overall goals of readthedocs.org.
Questions that needs answering but do not require code changes or issues that only require a one time action on the server will have this label. See the documentation about our triage process for more information.